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SG Concepts Tune Up, January 22nd, 2021

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Join us Friday Jan 22nd at the Sawmill Training Complex before the Team Match for a fantastic opportunity to learn and train as a team! This is a very unique opportunity to receive training and instruction from Sean Murphy, a successful competitor in multiple shooting disciplines, including overall winner of The Gun Run, and experienced instructor for multiple high level military and civilian shooting organizations.

Team Tune-Up is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a two-person shooting team. We will begin with a zero check and accuracy validation of pistols and carbines, ensuring the individuals are ready to work together. Most of the tune-up day will be based upon exercises and stages that will test and push teams to adapt to succeed. Repeated stress with different tests will create learning opportunities and
build confidence for the team to tackle increasingly complex shooting problems.

Course Length: 6-8 hours as student progression, daylight and ammunition allows

Price: $100 per person

Topics Covered: Firearms Safety Review, including dynamics of 2-people shooting
Zero Check and Accuracy Validation of pistols and carbines
Team Communication, Efficiency and Strategy during a Course of Fire
Practical Skills Exercises and Mini-Stages

Weapon Systems and Ammunition Requirements:
With ammunition being harder to come by, many of the shooting drills have been focused to reduce round count but maintain effectiveness. Also, many are designed to be accomplished with pistols, carbines, or one of each to accommodate what ammo can be found.

Total round count is 300 for the team, read below.
Minimum Carbine - 50 rounds per shooter (Team total of 100 required carbine)
Minimum Pistol - 25 rounds per shooter (Team total of 50 required pistol)
Additional team total of 150 rounds in whatever combination of pistol and/or carbine ammunition.

If you need assistance locating ammunition, please email