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Night Shooting Class, October 19th, 2024

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Come out to DeWitts for a Night Shooting Class. This is a great time to brush up on your low light skills or shoot your rifle and pistol at night if you've never done so, with instruction. 

Date: October 19th, 7:30pm-10:30pm 

Location: DeWitts Outdoor Sports, 443 Jimmy Carriker Road Ellerbe, North Carolina 28338.

Equipment: You will need your centerfire rifle and pistol with magazines, eye and ear protection, and the gear you intend to carry your equipment in for the race. For Night, weapon lights are highly encouraged and you will also need a light source that is not connected to your firearm. Night vision is also encouraged. You should bring a zeroed rifle but we can confirm zero if needed. There will be very minimal running, you will not have to cross water, crawl under barbwire, or pick up a sandbag. Do not bring M855 Green Tip ammo. No refunds within one week of class.