2024 Shooting Goals

By Corey Young


     Setting measurable and attainable goals is a well-known helpful technique that can be used in all areas of life. Whether your goals are physical, spiritual, or professional in nature; goals focus our time and energy in critical areas to accelerate the pace of change.

     So, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, I’d like to propose a few for all of us this year. These goals apply to everyone regardless of current skillsets or abilities. All that’s needed to accomplish them is a positive attitude and a willingness to challenge yourself.

      As the year progresses, try to accomplish as many of these as possible.

  1. Concealed Carry Challenge. This is the gun you hopefully have on you every day, so why not train with it in a demanding competitive environment?
  1. Try Something New or Different. Try out a new gun or piece of gear to improve your set up or simply challenge yourself. Have an AK sitting in the corner collecting dust? Clean it off and run it. Got Gucci glass on all your rifles? Pull it off and run iron sights for an event.
  1. Have Fun. It’s important to have fun every once in a while too. So grab a “fun gun” and run with it. Sure, you might not be as competitive as you otherwise would be, but it’s a good way to avoid training fatigue and getting “burnt out” with your training routine.
  1. Expand You Squad. The Gun Run has several team matches a year; pair up with a new partner for one of them. There is much to say about “knowing” your teammate, but reality often dictates that we need to work with new individuals all the time. Run with a new partner and learn to communicate, cooperate, adapt & overcome on the clock in a stressful environment.
  1. Be a Good Ambassador. This goal is pretty broad so it could take several forms; but in short just be a good ambassador for the shooting community. Take someone new shooting. Show up early to lend a hand with set up. Be friendly and help newer competitors. Educate yourself so you can be a resource of knowledge for others. Consider becoming an RO. Small thing can go a long way in helping support and grow this community we’re all building.

     How many can you accomplish this year? Several can be accomplished simultaneously. For example, running your concealed carry gun can check off goals 1 and 2 in the same event.

     Happy New Year! Be safe, have fun, and go train.